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Ideas to improve the rankings and ratings of your university and college by the Chairman of AICTE

Ideas to improve the rankings and ratings of your universities and colleges by the Chairman of AICTE Why do we not have a substantial number of Indian Institutions in global top 100 rankings despite we have more than 900 university...

/ April 20, 2018

The Fool at School

The Torchbearers Collaboratory by EdMonks is a platform for school Leaders (on the management level like Principal, Vice Principal, School Owner, Corporate Personnel in school chains, CEO / or on the Operational level like Dean, Headmistress, Head of Department etc)...

/ April 2, 2018

How to start a Maker Space at your school?

Why MakerSpace The concept of makerspace is growing exponentially in schools today to adapt to mobile learning. According to Google, it is one of the most searched terms on the internet. The Maker Culture ( is growing globally especially in...

/ March 10, 2018

The Future of Education

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/ November 21, 2017

The Future Ready Teachers @ Wisdom English School Badarpur #Gujrat

At EdMonks, we are very thankful to Wisdom English School, Badarpur at Vadanagar, Gujrat to invite us to deliver our program #TheFutureReadyTeacher for their teachers. It was an amazing experience of community. When Wisdom english School took the initiative, they...

/ September 22, 2017

The future ready student @ Lawrence and Mayo Public School

Amazing Ajmer !!! Amazing Experience !!! Thank you for calling EdMonks. At EdMonks, we cannot thank enough to Lawrence and Mayo Public School, Ajmer to give us this opportunity to interact with their students and teachers and let us organise...

/ September 7, 2017

Students are getting ready for future @ Scholars Global School, Bahadurgarh

And this time, we were in Bahadurgarh as we were asked to organise ‘The Future Ready Student’ workshop at The Scholars Global School, Bahadurgarh. When we reached the school, this massive building popped up and mind it, we are not...

/ September 6, 2017

Students getting ready for future @ Bhiwani

Imagine a fully packed auditorium with 500 people including school students, their parents and their teachers, and of course the school management. We were blessed to address this audience at the Tibrewal Auditorium, Bhiwani as the Vaish Model Sr Secondary...

/ August 25, 2017

Everyday teaching with Bloom’s Taxonomy

Andreas Schleicher, special advisor to the secretary general OCED Paris said not long ago, “The world economy no longer pays you for what you know, Google knows everything. The world economy pays you for what you can do with what...

/ July 7, 2017

The Ergonomic Classroom

Yes ! Classroom innovation is not only about methodologies and technologies, it is also about environment, about resources, about furniture, about ease of interaction, about comfort in learning………… Yes ! Of course, it is about ergonomics. A dear friend of...

/ May 11, 2017