Computational Thinking

In our quest to help the masses become ready for the VUCA future, we have come up with this program, which is GAMES & ACTIVITIES BASED and totally free of programming/coding.

World Economic Forum identifies Complex Problem Solving as one of the most sought-after skill in the future and ‘Computational Thinking’ is supposed to be one of the best tools for the same.

Under this program, we want to talk with the masses in a non-tech language to help them become a better problem solver and we have following three skews to help

The book

‘How to help your kids THINK computationally?’

The book was released on April 21, 2018. The idea is to spread the awareness about this futuristic skill in the masses. The book has been priced at INR 140/- and you can pay through PayTM (on +91-9891313344) to grab a copy of the same.

Click HERE to download a free copy of the introduction of the book

The Handholding

A one-time handholding and empowerment program on Computational Thinking for educators and parents

Organisations (like Schools, Corporates, RWAs) may opt for this 8-week program.

Click here to download the brochure.

CT Awareness Program

Alternatively, if you cannot afford to buy the book or are not willing to pay for it, in any case, you may grab a FREE soft copy by participating in our CT Awareness Program.

But obviously, there is always a catch with a freebie

  1. First, you should be willing to wait (until we get 5000 people who want to get the FREE copy)
  2. Second, You will get only a soft copy of the book and not a printed one
  3. Third, you should help us reach these 5000 people.

If you are happy to help us on the above, you can participate in our CT Awareness Program. To download the details of the program, please

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