Disruptive Innovation in School Education

Welcome to Disruptive Innovation in School Education (DISE)’, a content platform to share ideas on School Innovations with the School Leaders & the Policymakers.

In the first phase (April 18 – Sep 18) of the launch of this project, we will be releasing the first three skews as mentioned here below

1. ‘The Idea Wall’ – An accumulation of ideas on School Innovations to share Actionable pointers and Executable Activities with the School Leaders & the Policymakers. Click here to visit the Wall.

2. ‘Action @ School’ – This is a one day program, which is essentially an accumulation of three workshops on Futuristic Education, School Branding & Educational Innovation.

The workshops will help all the stakeholders of the school including Parents, Teachers, Students, Staff and Top Management

To know more about the program, Please Click Here.

3. ‘R.I.S.E. – Real Innovation in School Education – A monthly bulletin on Schools’. This will be an email that may include the events in education, opportunities, innovative ideas in school education etc. This email newsletter will be developed into a full bulletin by the beginning of second phase,

We also plan to start a few more skews in the second phase (Oct 18 – Mar 19)

4. ‘A Product Preview series’. An exhaustive list of products related to schools.

5. ‘List of Experts’. We plan to develop a list of resource people in School Education to create