Anupam Kaushik

He is a torch-bearer of disruptive innovations in education, who is trying to develop an alternative education platform that is agnostic to schools.

As a Public Speaker, Author, Thinker and a passionate Community Builder in education, he loves to help School Students, Parents, School Leaders & Educators through his workshops, communities, Youtube channel, books, courses and boot camps.

Being a teacherpreneur himself, he also help and coach other teacherpreneurs through his program Teacherpreneur | The Future of Education


Know more about him here below

1. Public Speaking | The social proof of the commitment | On his quest to change the education, he  started with three zones Higher Education, School Education and Alternative Education. After speaking at reputed institutions like IIT, DTU etc (on topics like Future of Workplace, Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership etc) and in scores of schools including brands like Pathways, Shiv Nadar, Sri Venkateshwara, Ramjas, Mount Carmel and many more (through his workshop series The Future Ready Student – TFRS) Now his entire focus is to develop Alternative Education only. You can read the full STORY (Click here).

2. Author | One of the best ways to express yourself |

Under ‘The Future Ready Education Project‘, which is essentially a series of books and workshops for parents and educators, his wish list includes following three books that he plans to write within 2017 and 2018. The details of the books and workshops is as follows

A. The first book “Computational Thinking Skills for your kid | Help your Kids think computationally and become good at Complex Problem Solving, simply by choosing Right Games and Activities” is scheduled to get launched in December 2017. You may also WATCH ANUPAM KAUSHIK SPEAKING ON THE TOPIC to understand a little more about Computational Thinking.

The book will be helpful for educationist, researchers, parents or any individual, who is interested in ways to improve thinking in kids. We also plan to launch a 90 days rigorous online course for parents, educators and kids to learn Thinking Skills by late 2018

B. Leadership with global perspective for young minds | Understanding the history, geography, culture, cuisine and developments of the rapidly changing world. We also plan to launch a 90 days online course for parents, educators and kids to learn about the world through stories.

C. Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for kids | Not by teaching but by experience We also plan to launch a 90 days online course for parents, educators and kids to learn about entrepreneurship through various activities.

Apart from the above series, he also plan to publish another book ‘Personal Branding | Five Steps to fame for Educators & Teacherpreneurs’ will also be launched within December 2017.

3. Personal Branding Coach | No one will work to improve your brand longivity, if you will not work for yourself | If you are trying to help the masses as an educator (to gain Fame) or as a Teacherpreneur (to gain both Fame and Money), The single most important thing is your DISCOVERABILITY. People should be able to find you on Internet, they should be talking about you and your work. Influencers of your niche must know you personally. For example, just open an incognito tab (know more about incognito tab), and search ‘Anupam Kaushik’ on Google. You may find at least 8 to 9 links on the first page of Google Search in his name (his Linkedin account seems to be on top) out of 4,10,000 search results. Now do the same exercise with your name. There are a lot of things that need to be done offline as well.

So you can be an educator, a school leader, a graduate student, a home maker or any other individual, who want to help the world and want to become a Teacherpreneur. You can also learn to manage your personal branding from him. Although It may take time, but it’s easy-peasy.


4. The community Development | Nothing in the life of a social entrepreneur is possible without community building | He started a community on educational innovation in December 2014 and did more than 20 events and hosted the biggies like Chief Strategist of Khan Academy or Prof M M Pant or Country Head of edX as speakers. This community have more than 3000 members today and you can read ‘THE STORY OF EDMONKS’ that was even featured by Linkedin in Entrepreneurship stream.


5. Disruptive Innovator | How to solve the education riddle | Making an alternative education platform, which is agnostic to schools, where kids are getting ready to beat the challenges of future be it Economic Ecological or Equality in follwoing manner

Get ready to join the revolution, where we invite any individual to come forward and become the entrepreneur.