Amazing Ajmer !!! Amazing Experience !!! Thank you for calling EdMonks.

At EdMonks, we cannot thank enough to Lawrence and Mayo Public School, Ajmer to give us this opportunity to interact with their students and teachers and let us organise our workshop named ‘Awareness, Challenges & Wayouts for the VUCA future’ under our flagship project ‘THE FUTURE READY STUDENT’. To know more about these workshops, please click on this link.

We convey our thanks to the dignitaries from the school, who understood the social inclinations of EdMonks and gave us the opportunity to spread the good words among the people. We thank Mr Sanjay Bohra, Director of the school and Mr Andrew Rozario, Academic Director of the school, for the same.

We would also like to thank Mr R S Mathur, HOD MBA Department, MDS university, to share the nuggets of wisdom, as a guest speaker, on the event and ofcourse Mr Himanshu sharma from GEAERD.

We especially want to thank Dr Shilpi Singh Shekhawat, Principal, Lawrence and Mayo Public School, Ajmer without whom this event would simply not have been possible. She has a great eye to recognize the good initiatives like this and she never fail to execute them of course with the consent of the school management.

We also want to mention a special thanks to the teachers and other school leaders of the school to give an amazing support to our workshop.


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