Imagine a fully packed auditorium with 500 people including school students, their parents and their teachers, and of course the school management.

We were blessed to address this audience at the Tibrewal Auditorium, Bhiwani as the Vaish Model Sr Secondary School, Bhiwani and the Vaish International School, Bhiwani joined hands to host the EdMonks workshop ‘Awareness, Challenges & Way outs for the future’ under our flagship project ‘THE FUTURE READY STUDENT’.

The workshop by Mr Anupam Kaushik gave details about Technology Mega Trends, 4th Industrial revolution, the gig economy, the three challenges from future i.e. economic, ecological and equity and of course the wayouts for these future challenges.


We convey our thanks to the General secretary of Vaish Mahavidyalaya Trust; Mr Pawan Kumar Buwaniwala, who not only invited us to execute this workshop, but he also stayed during the entire event and also shared nuggests of wisdome after the workshop. We were also blessed to have here Mr. Madan Lal goyal, Vice President of School manageing commettie of Vaish Model Sr Secondary School, Mr O P Joshi, Director of Vaish model and Vaish international school, Mrs Kamla Gureja, Principal of Vaish Model Sr Secondary School.

A special thank goes to Mrs Nisha Sharma, the Vice principal of Vaish international School, who believed in our social project and connected us to the right people in the school management and gave us the opportunity to share our thoughts with so many students, parents and teachers in the Bhiwani city.

The biggest achievement however was the loads and loads of questions from students and parents that kept coming after the workshop and the school had to leterally intervene to close this section. Many students and teachers were willing to join the future programs by EdMonks and we have also got some real nice students, who will become the local leaders of Future Bhiwani Circles by EdMonks.

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