At EdMonks, we are very thankful to Wisdom English School, Badarpur at Vadanagar, Gujrat to invite us to deliver our program #TheFutureReadyTeacher for their teachers.

It was an amazing experience of community. When Wisdom english School took the initiative, they invited the teaching fraternity from four more schools (Maher High School, Iqra School, Madinatul ilm School and Jafari Knowledge City) of nearby places. It was a fully packed hall with more than 80 teachers and a few more people from the school management.

I am indebted to Mr Gulam Hasan Heera, President of Maher Education and Welfare Trust, Mr Gulam Husain Kodalia, Managing trustee of Maher Education and Welfare Trust, Mr Kasam Bhai Vohra, Managing Trustee of Iqra School, Visnagar, who all gave me this opportunity to interact with these educators in one go.

Mr Ismail Bhai L Momin, First ever engineer from Badarpur

A special thanks to Mr Vahid Husain Saiyad, Principal of Wisdom English School without whom, this whole exercise, would have not been possible.

Mr Vahid Husain Saiyad, Principal of Wisdom English School

Also have a look at the testimonial by Mr Vahid here below

Badarpur gave me a new definition of village. I have never seen such a prosperous village ever before. If you will visit #Gujrat,  you will never be able to forget it in your lifetime. But, It is not about the #government, its not about its #heritage or its #LushGreenPicturasque landscape, and neither it is about its very strong Road infrastructure. To your surprise its not even about the amazing #Gujratifood.

Believe me or not, Its all about #Gujratis, The differentiator of #Gujrat is its people. Miss you Abid Bhai and Mehdi Bhai and all other people in this picture, You guys rock, I will never forget this amazing day in my lifetime and am sure, even Himanshu will not be able to forget those great welcome gestures.

Thank you Vahid Husen Sayyad sir and the team @ wisdom english school for this amazing welcome for #TeamEdMonks

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