And this time, we were in Bahadurgarh as we were asked to organise ‘The Future Ready Student’ workshop at The Scholars Global School, Bahadurgarh.

When we reached the school, this massive building popped up and mind it, we are not in a metro or even in Tier II or Tier III city. The guard at the gate guided us towards the reception. The reception was proudly flaunting the British Council, International School Award ISA. We were really happy to see such a prestigious award in a school @ Bahadurgarh.

Sooner then later, we got the chance to meet Mrs Poonam Saxena, the principal of the school. I was surprised to see such an amazing and informed school leader in not so big a city. I could not remain unimpressed by Mrs Poonam Saxena, because of her impeccable understanding of school management, innovative ideas and of course her progressiveness. She is the founding principal of the school and in these last 6 years, she has laterally taken the school from a scratch to an unimaginable height.

Mrs Poonam Saxena – Principal, Scholars Global School, Bahadurgarh

But the even more impressive personality was Mr Pradeep Dahiya, the Managing Director of the school. I have never met such a humble personality with so strong domain knowledge. Not even the slight touch of vanity. He runs an open door policy and his office is open even for a gatekeeper, for a right and bright idea.

Mr Pradeep Dahiya – Managing director, Scholars Global School, Bahadurgarh


On one hand, more than 150 students and a few of the parents were present, and on the other hand were the teachers and the school leaders. All in all, it was an amazing experience to impart our workshop Awareness, Challenges & Way outs for the future’ under our flagship project ‘THE FUTURE READY STUDENT’. We have been getting questions through whatsapp and email from many of the students even after days of the event.

We look forward for more such opportunities to interact with great schools and their students. To host a TFRS workshop, please call us @ 9818885050 / 9891313344.


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