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What is Future Readiness?

You must already know that Self-driven cars, Genetic editing, Ubiquitous mobile supercomputing, Neuro-technological brain enhancements. Intelligent Robots is the evidence of dramatic change that is happening around us at an exponential speed. Are we ready to face the challenges like falling out ? Are we equipping our next generation with the skills that would be needed to solve these challenges?

As per World Economic Forum, we, the mankind, stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. The transformation, in its scale, scope, and complexity, will be unlike anything humankind has experienced ever before and Is being called the 4th Industrial Revolution.

On the other hand, is the persistent challenges of Economy, Equality and Ecology. Fundamental Resources of survival like Clean Air and Water are already falling short. Food replenishment is another huge challenge, and even bigger is the decimation of Fossil Fuel that will hit us hard very soon on our Energy needs.

So, we need to develop a mechanism that will help masses to get ready for this VUCA future. At EdMonks, a unit of Harikamal Education Foundation, we are developing a supplemental education system that include Workshop, Online Communities & Bootcamps and many more other programs.

What is the Workshop?

THE FUTURE READY STUDENT WORKSHOP – Awareness, Challenges & Way outs for the VUCA future’ is the name of our workshop that we offer to the schools, organisations, corporate and governments, under our flagship project The Future Ready Student.

As the name suggest, the workshop has been classified into three parts, and since we understand that the best language to talk to the masses is the language of stories. our workshops are delivered only through the stories.

1. The Awareness | unveils the truth of today. In this first part, we share stories around the 4th Industrial Revolution, Technology Mega Trends and The gig economy. So be it Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality, we expose the kids to each of these world-changing technologies through stories. Depending on the audience, we include content around Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Big Data, Mobile Computing, Robots & Drones, Internet of Things and many more such technologies in a very layman language. We also talk about the future of the workplace and the Gig Economy.
2. The Challenges | from the future is about Sustainability. We are still focusing and teaching merely about the Economic challenges that too the current one’s, but what about the real challenges of the future, be it economic, ecological or around equality. We also talk about Sustainable Development and its importance. ‘How exactly the world may look like in the future’.
What kind of jobs would be there tomorrow, what about safety of masses, when crime will go north, where from we will get food,  what will be the transport solutions, what will be the energy resource, are all burning questions that need to be answerd.
3. The Wayouts | finally talks about solutions and wayouts to handle these challenges.

The Resource Person for the Workshop

Mr Anupam Kaushik | Founder & CEO – EdMonks | is the key resource person for this workshop.

Not only, he has delivered this workshop at distinguished schools like Shiv Nadar, Kulachi Hansraj, Pathways, SVIS etc, he has also been invited to speak at various prestigious institutions in higher education like IIT –  Indian Institute of Technology, DTU – Delhi Technological University etc on similar topics. Soon his book ‘How to inculcate Computational Thinking in Young Minds‘ will also hit the market. None other than Prof M M Pant, Former Pro Vice Chancellor of IGNOU, himself, has written the foreword for the book. Currently, he is writing another book on Personal Branding for Social entrepreneurs.

Profile URL | You can read more about him @ Resource Person Profile


Collaboration, Sponsors and Partnerships

Our project has been supported by many organisations till now. Hope to get the same support on this step of the project by many more organisation over here,

Project History

Step-I| April-May 2017 | Series of 18 workshops in premier schools in Delhi
Step-II | Aug 2017 | Delhi to Gujrat Road Trip in 6 schools
.Step-III | Nov-Dec 2017 | Plan to give 40 workshop anywhere in India






How to host the Workshop?

If you are a School, a Community, an NGO, a corporate or any other organisation, and want to help the the students (13 to 18 years), their parents, teachers & school leaders, we welcome you to host our Workshop ‘The  Future Ready Student Workshop – Awareness, Challenges & Way outs for the VUCA future’.

The procedure to host the workshop for the schools has been mentioned below, all other organisations can contact us through email or phone to know, how they can help us organise these workshops.

To know more about the procedure, please contact us ASAP, details are given below



We are planning to deliver only 40 workshops under this project through 8 consecutive weeks during December 2017 and January 2018. if you are willing to host these workshop, we request you to, please book a slot at the earliest.


Hosting the workshop | Call us on 9818885050 / 9891313344 or write to us on

Future Plans

We are a social enterprise and are working towards the betterment of school education. Our research convinces us that the early you start working on the futuristic skills, the better. We are doing this data collection to create programs that will help school students, parents, teachers and school leaders to get ready for tomorrow.

We plan to launch a 6 months long Bootcamp for school students in January 2018 that will get started by April 2018.


FREE TFRS Report Download

In the first phase of TheFutureReadyStudent project, we delivered these workshops in 18 premier schools in Delhi. These workshops were open for students (15 years and above) and educators. The data collected gave amazing insights of our contemporary education system and we are sharing the report for FREE. Download the report here below.

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