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School Growth

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School Growth Action Plan

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The plan is broadly classified in the following 12 steps on 4 levels, which will help you to implement both innovation and communication in your school in a systematic manner.

School Growth Plan | Level 1

Define a Vision

Even before finishing the school building, this step must be completed. Every other thing later will depend upon this vision

1. Brand Positioning

The first thing to decide is to understand, what do you stand for?

2. Define your Goals

Defining what you want to achieve with the school can make a real big difference

3. Define a School Culture

In parallel to Brand Positioning, we should also define the expected School Culture

School Growth Plan | Level 2

Create an Innovation Launchpad

At this level, you may work on the following 3 things to get ready before it formally comes to interacting with students. Here you prepare the system to give students and their parents a better experience.

4. School Infra Innovation

You cannot grow your school without the infrastructure and supplies. Even a school under a tree need that thing

5. Implement School Culture

Implementing a School Culture is all about telling our stakeholders to understand, what is expected from the school

6. Data Flow Optimisation

This is the most critical step. Most schools fail here because they do not have well-laid-out Standard Operating Procedures 

School Growth Plan | Level 3

Innovation at Work

If you work nicely on the previous level, you may not need to work on it again and again at least for 2 to 3 years, but things at Level 3 need regular work and continuous improvement. These are the things that differentiate your school from others.

7. Classroom Innovation

Now your teachers have more time and they do understand, what you want from them. Introduce them to innovative classrooms

8. Create Tech Labs

Expose your students and teachers to technology, but this is different from Automation and Classroom Tech

9. Learning beyond classroom

With right classrooms and Labs, your students and teachers are now ready to learn beyond classroom.

School Growth Plan | Level 4

Creating Word of Mouth

To work on this level, you should already have enough work to showcase at the previous level. Any school that has not worked enough on Level 3 will fail here. Here at this level you share your work with community and build Word of Mouth.

10. Brand Appearance

Where the prospective parents finally plan to interact with you, in what shape they will find you?

11. Involve Parents

Schools cannot grow without parent participation. This is an essential and very important step in the whole cycle

12. Brand Outreach

Most good schools fail today because they wrongly believe that they will do the good work and people will come themselves