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How to become an innovative

School Principal

Explore the above

6 segments

that is what we have been teaching to schools for more than 5 years

But you see, we wanted to help on all other 4 segments too and we know, we can do that only by

creating a


[not an ordinary one, but a community of doers]

Our community is distributed in 3 layers

Layer 1

The Weekly Newsletter Community

Subscribe it now. It gives you innovative ideas and worthy information

Layer 2

The Extended Community

Here starts the process of identification of doers. Out of all the subscribers to our newsletter, anyone who is willing to help us create some content or help us in some way to build a community will be accepted at this level and will be eligible for the spotlight benefits.


[Currently available for FREE or almost FREE]

Apply for this amazing opportunity where one of our partner is hosting Career Fairs at schools absolutely FREE. It will be a 3-4 hour event where 10-12 universities will be invited at your school and a lot of other activities will take place. 

This is an in-house offering. Our founder Mr Anupam Kaushik has written a full book How to help your kids think computationally’. Through this talk you may help your teachers, students and parents to learn about Computational Thinking.

We are soon organising our first Mini-Goshthi, ‘The Future of Schools’ in Delhi NCR. You may become a speaker, delegate or partner at the event.

With our partner we are happy to organise some awareness events about Hindu Religion. You may invite your parents, students, teachers and other stakeholders and community members to join in this event.

Layer 3

The Core Community

This is a core community of selected individuals, which we will start making by January 2024.

To join us, please write to us at