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Most K12 schools struggle to grow revenue, increase admissions, implement innovation, and improve technology

And they usually struggle against a set of unethical schools who do not mind playing dirty tactics to steal admissions from other genuine schools.

These schools can go any depth of wrongdoing

In case, you are the school leader from such a genuine school, what will be your plan of action to survive in this dog bite dog market.

There are only two saviours

Innovation and Communication

But there is an issue

School leaders are usually not trained on brand communication

So, despite doing innovative things, you may not know, how to communicate them in an effective way.

Sometimes you may even struggle on innovation side as well

So we decided to create a mentoring program to help progressive school leaders with innovation and communication

The Catapult

This program works on a 12 steps framework that we have created carefully and have released in the form of a book. You may subscribe to our newsletter and in the welcome email, you will receive a link to this e-book.

With this book, both existing and budding school leaders may learn to create a working, solid and transformative

School Growth Action Plan

People who can afford to experiment for the next 2-3 years will try to implement the ideas of the book themselves

But those who understand the value of time, would want to do it the right way in the first go, and for those we will provide help through an online mentoring program on innovation implementation and brand communication.

This is a long term program that you may keep running for as long as 5 years to innovate incessantly.

The Structure

The program starts with a 2-3 day school visit to assess your existing infrastructure, your school market value, your competition, your teachers, the current level of your students, your school past performance, your catchment area, your partners and allies, your strengths and weaknesses.

After the visit, we make a broad level plan for the next 12-15 months. and start mentoring you or your principal through weekly online meetings.

The programme delivery has 3 ingredients.

The Growth Goals

It has 4 parts. School Visit plus School Audit plus School Brand Positioning plus School Goals

This is the bedrock on which everything will be built. The whole thing will take just 2 weeks that will include a 2 night 3 days trip to the school by our founder Mr Anupam Kaushik, one video meeting before the trip, a set of data to be collected by the school, up to 2 video meets after the trip to finalise the growth goals

The Growth Mentoring

Weekly video call to discuss development on school growth goals

Here we create a top team, up to 5 people in the team. The school owner must be the part of this team. We meet every week through a video meet to discuss our strategy on school growth. We help you choose the right strategies and stay away from the wrong one. We will also guide you on your digital footprint, tech requirement, procedures etc.

The Growth Modules

Readymade innovative modules to implement inyour school.

We are engaging with various companies that provide such solutions. We are ourselves also developing various modules. Our partner schools may pick any 3-4 modules tin a year o move faster towards their growth goals. We will guide you to pick the most suitable modules as per the brand positioning that you have chosen for your school. Names of a few modules are mentioned here below

The Investment 

A school can start at an yearly investment of as low as INR 150 k / year

plus applicable taxes